About Smart Logistics Company

On  June 08,2003  a group of  experienced   professionals   in the  Philippine  Cargo  Industry    gathered   together   to form  a  company  SMART LOGISTICS  COMPANY . They  established  the  company    with the vision   to provide    the market  with  unparalleled  level  of service   and provide  outmost  customer  satisfaction .

We   aim  for  complete  service  and  reliability

Smart Logistics  Company  established to provide  air  and  sea  freight  forwarding  between Philippines  to Worldwide  Country. Smart Logistics  Co.   has made  it  a rule  and ultimate  goal  to provide  complete  service  and rehabilitee to our  customers. Despite  of short company  history , we have gained  extensive  experience . And our  performance  record  is  highly  regarded  for having  provided  our  client   with accurate  and prompt  services  through  our global  network coupled  with skilled  manpower .

We provide  comfortable  services

All  Smart  Logistics  Managers     and staff  are  committed  to provide  the most  comfortable  service  to our  customer . We  believe  that to keep  a close , cooperative  relationship  with customers based on  mutual  confidence is one  of the most important  factors  in running  a business  . And we have built  and maintained  such relationships  with  our customers.

We  give  our best  to be  at the  competitive  edge .


By introducing  fast , integrated Total Logistics  System  that can  meet  the global  needs , we  were  able  to reduce  forwarding  cost  and maintain  on –time  freight  deliveries  to become  a  true leader  in global market .

We always  do our  best .

In order  to accomplished  a perfect  door  to door  service , we  made  strategically  alliance  with the  special  carrier . We as  a leading  consolidator  of the International  market , promise   you  that  we will  always  do our best   in delivering  your valuable goods  through  a variety of forwarding  and logistics   service  in timely manner .