We are great at what we do

In Order to accomplish One Touch Door to Door Service and to provide efficient service as the Worldwide consolidator ,Smart Logistics Co. will provide you with a variety of shipping / Logistics service .

Service Scope

Since SMART LOGISTICS COMPANY is bonded N.V.O.C.C, cargo Consolidator, International Freight Forwarder, Break Bulk Agent, Domestic Freight Forwarder .

  • International OCEAN & AIR  Freight  Forwarding
  • NVOCC inbound  & outbound  Consolidation  Service
  • Project and Oversized shipment
  • General Shipping agency service
  • Personal Effects , packing and crating  service
  • Warehouse Storage  , sorting and distribution
  • Pick Up and Delivery Service
  • Trans Loading and loading / unloading service
  • Sales / purchase order follow – up
  • Customer service and  follow  up
  • Exhibition  goods  service  & follow up

Core Services

  • LCL Service

    We provide safe and prompt consolidated services forwarding even small size freights to any ports in the world with reasonable prices and total reliability.

  • FCL Service

    In order to provide worldwide marine transportation services, we offer All Ports Consolidation Service.We have made service contracts with other domestic shipping companies with proven specialty and experience, and we currently drawing out supplementary plans to utilize our global network as a truly efficient service. All Those efforts enabled us to provide sufficient space to offer competitive freight rates all year around.

  • Air Service

    We provide the Consolidation Service from small to large freights to all major Cities of Philippines and overseas every day.

  • Air & Oceanic Service

    While making the best of the economic aspects of oceanic freights and the speed of airway the experts of our company will draw out the best optimal path that can provide cheaper freight charges, faster and safe delivery.

  • Pickup & Delivery Service

    In Cooperative working with the specialized in land trucker, we provide safe inland container transportation and domestic bulk cargoes forwarding service at reasonable prices. We pick up your valuable goods as the very front of your door and forward it to any places in Philippines through the best trucking system with low forwarding charges .

  • Outsouring Service

    Utilizing the accumulated know – how’s of our experts,Smart Logistics Company can provide superior customer service in competitive price that can differentiate your company from others and heighten your company’s competitiveness.